Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ)

Occasionally our customers have questions about our service, so here we have put together a few of the most commonly asked. Although not an exhaustive list, we hope yours has been answered.
If your question has not been answered here, please get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

Shed Disposal U.K Frequently asked questions

How Much Does It Cost to Dismantle & Dispose of My Shed?

You can easily estimate the cost of your shed or greenhouse removal by using our instant online quotation tool here.

How Long Does It Take to Dismantle My Shed?

A standard type garden shed will take between 1 - 2 hours, buildings such as large Summerhouses, Log Cabins will be longer between 1 - 2 days depending on size.

Where Do You Dispose of My Shed?

Being based in Epsom, we generally used Suez Waste Transfer Station, Blenhiem Rd, Epsom, Surrey. Only registered recycling centres are used, and as a buisness Shed Disposal U.K are licensed waste carriers. Waste Carriers License No: CBDU 52567

Do You Recycle My Shed?

Yes, we recycle 100% of the wood from allgarden buildings, along with the glass, and any metal door furniture found on the building.

How Can I Pay? & What Area Do You Cover?

You can pay by Credit / Debit Card, Cash, or by BACs transfer by proir arrangement. To see if we cover your area, enter your postcode here.

Our Company is the first and only company who solely specialize in the dismantling & disposal of garden buildings, it's all we do so your in good hands.

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